Yankee Classic Floors Hardwood floor Install/Finish
Yankee Classic FloorsHardwood floor Install/Finish

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There’s always something else to learn! That’s what Gerald Lust told himself when he founded Yankee Classic Flooring, Inc. over 10years ago. He was convinced that a flooring service company should know how to handle all types of flooring and should continuously develop new and creative ideas.

Have you ever thought about having a custom Hardwood Floor installed and adding your own touch by selection of a custom color. We can help design that Hardwood Flooring for you. Once you have selected a species of wood flooring, have the wood flooring installed by our expert team of flooring installers, we will work closely with you on selection of the perfect color for your new hardwood flooring. 


Yankee Classic Flooring, Inc. works closely with each customer on the selection of Hardwood flooring and the Finishing products. We also offer hundreds of selections of Pref finished Hardwood flooring.


Let Tracey help you with your vision of what you want in flooring. Let us develop a look that wows your family and friends with just the right flooring for your room setting and overall home environment. 


Yankee Classic works in the Madison, WI area , Dane County and within a 60 mile radius of Madison, WI. 








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Need new flooring? Working in Madison WI for over 20 years.



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