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Staining Your Hardwood Floor - Making your hardwood floor uniquely yours

Buyer Beware - You Get What You Pay For - Cheap flooring isn't always the best choice

It's a New Year...And my floor is a mess  Hardwood flooring repairs

I want an "eco-firendly" floor:  Hardwood floors are "green"

Choosing a floor can be confusing:  Tips on how to choose the right wood floor

Time for a change: Have you ever wanted to make a  change, just because you wanted sometheing different?

Another take on staircases:  In our last blog, we talked about a staircase reflecting the character of the home.  This week we wanted to show you how a staircase can really make a statement, and reflect the homeowner's personallty as well.

Staircases!  From the sweeping grand staircase that Rhett Butler carried Scarlett O'Hara up in Gone with the Wind, to the cupboard under the stair where Harry Potter lived before he went to Hogwarts, staircases have played an important role, not only in films but in our homes.

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